How It Works?

How does it work? Well, for every case it is different. My approach is tailored to the specific needs of the client. It can range from just a consultation to help you decide or a full service including finding good options, walking through adoption (from a shelter) or purchasing (from a breeder), getting the home ready for a dog, obedience training skills, and welcoming the furry friend home.

Step One - Interview

This is always the first step. I have my finger on the pulse of the animal community, but what I need to know is about you. What is your schedule, activity level, all the things that affect the kind of dog you need to fit your home. Dogs can be very adaptable, but for the best match it is good find a dog that you have things in common with. Getting a dog is like getting a house mate, you take care of them, but they have their own developed personalities, so you have to take that into account.

Step Two - Let's go a huntin'

This is where a lot of the leg work comes in and my services really pays off. I keep up to date on quite a few shelters, the animals they have and ones they get in. If you are looking for a specific breed, I can find breed rescues or even full breeders. I check backgrounds and make sure they are reputable and ethical. This is important for the health and security for the newest member of your family. Dogs come in all shapes, sizes and prices.

I do understand that long ago, getting a dog was a cheap affair, sometimes even free. These days, if you are looking to get a free dog, you are going to get what you pay for. People can give dogs away because they are moving or other life changes, but if their dog was such a great dog, don't you think they would have been able to give it to another friend or family member? I have a large network to help find a great dog at an acceptable price for each situation, this is something we will go over in the interview process.

Step Three - We Think We Found One

Whether we find your perfect mutt match at a local shelter or a breeder, this step is detailed to the client and the pets needs.

Mutt Match does try to focus on finding great homes for great shelter dogs, even if you are looking for a specific breeds there are plenty of breed rescues for almost any breed. Shelters greatly differ in their requirements for adoption. Some are just pay and go shelters, usually they are the small town run animal control facilites, larger shelters usually have a strict application and approval process for adoption. Don't let this scare you off, this is another reason I have created Mutt Match. Adopting a dog from a shelter can be intimidating, a ton of paperwork, home visits, classes, it can be like adopting a child! Because of my connections with shelters I know the process inside and out and can make it run smoothly. I help with paperwork, and other processes to get you your Mutt Match.

Buying a dog from a breeder is more expensive, but if you want to show dogs, or just love a breed standard, it can be a great option. The question you need to ask is, is this a good breeder? So many "back yard" breeders can produce a puppy that looks pretty, but it takes a well informed and experienced breeder to produce a healthy, happy puppy.

Step Four - Brining Them Home

This is the most exciting part, all the searching and paperwork is done. All the money shelled out, now the joy of introducing a new fresh life to your household. This is where my work is completly tailored to fit the client. If you are an experienced dog owner and are comfortable, my job is done. If you are a new dog owner, or this is your first puppy, or you feel that you could use a little more help, I can offer many servies that will make the transition easier

Puppy-proofing - before the dog gets home, help get the house ready for a snooping, chewing little slobber baby, also help figure out what toys, and/or supplies your specific dog might need

Basic Obedience Skills - Help you with your new dog teach basic skills that all dogs should know, including: Sit, Stay, Up, Down, No Jump, Come, and Heel. Also help with leash training or housebreaking if neccessary.

Introductions - If you have pets and you are bringing in a new one, it is essential that introductions are done properly. If you have cats, and bring in their first dog, this is majorly recommended. You want your cats to accept the new family member, maybe not love, but accept. A lot of shelters recommend you bring any currently owned dogs to the shelter to meet the new member, that is something that is done once you think you found a dog you like.

As you can see, my services can be as complex or simple as you need. I believe that anyone who truely wants to add a dog to their family can do so with little frustration, worry and fear. It just take knowledge and footwork. My job is to provide the specific knowledge of animals, and do the footwork for you.

About Me

My name is Ashley Lang. I am a passionate, professional, and dedicated dog trainer.

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