Mutt-Match™ is a program, located in Massachusetts, that has formed out of the love and passion for dogs and finding them great homes. Our mission is to help people, couples, families, anyone who wants to add a furry member to their family.

Sometimes just knowing you want to get a pet and actually getting one can be a big process. I have found over my years of experience, that there is a lot more to getting a dog than "oh, he is sooo cute!". My process helps people find what kind of dog personality best suits your lifestyle, then I take it even further. With my connections to shelters, breeders and the community, I can help you find a dog that will fit your family. I also work with new dogs, helping owners puppy proof or even help introduce your new pup to animals you already have.

Mutt Match's Television Debut!

Mutt Match got its television debut last month on the show Chronicle! Roxy of course was the star, but Mutt Match was noted highly and we got the word out there! I actually recorded our segment with my camera, if you would like to see the whole episode about amazing dogs, check out the link below!

About Me

My name is Ashley Lang. I am a passionate, professional, and dedicated dog trainer.

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Association of Pet Dog Trainers

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