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Consultation – $50 – This is our initial meeting. This is the most important step of the mutt-match process. I have my finger on the pulse of the animal community, I need to know more about you. This consultation covers quite a range of information and is still tailored to the client. We can go over:

    • What kind of dog suits your home

    • Your homes activity level

    • Dog breeds and breeders

    • How to pick a puppy from a litter

    • How to purchase a dog

    • Basic obedience and care of dogs

    • How to bring in a new dog

    • or any other questions you have about this decision


After this point, if you feel you want more help, I have three packages you can choose from.


Bark Basic – $50

This is what I call an email service. What we do is I take the information I have gathered from our meeting and I do most of my work over the phone and on line. This means I call or email the breeders, and get a good idea of upcoming available litters. Then I send the information to your email and you take it from there. If you need help with paperwork or have any questions then I can always be reached by phone or email.


Paws Premium - $100

This package is a little more involved. I will do a lot more driving and actually meet the breeder and get a good look at the parents of the litter and the living situation of the dogs. There are many types of breeders and they all conduct their businesses differently. Depending on the timing, you apply to get one of the pups in the litter and the breeder interviews or meets your family and if they have more people interested in the pups than they have puppies, they get to choose who they sell the dogs to. If we find a litter of puppies that are yet to be sold, and the dogs are healthy and the breeder is deemed reputable, then we will set up a meeting for you to come and meet the litter. I will be there when you meet the litter to help choose a good puppy. Puppies haven't developed their personalities yet, but there are many traits that can be found in a puppy that carry over to adulthood in a dog. Traits like boldness vs. shyness, bark level, inquisitiveness, independence vs. dependence, dominance vs. submissiveness and much more. Once you have picked your puppy and the papers are signed, you get to bring the sweet pup home that is when my services for this package are complete.


Fetching Full Service - $200

This is the complete package. It includes all of the steps in the previous package as well as more behavior training and guidance after the puppy is brought home. This package includes a home training session. It is a great chance to get your new puppy off to a positive start. We will teach about crate training, positive reinforcement, and how to correctly correct a puppy. Training is everything at a young age, the earlier this starts the easier it is. When I do home training sessions, it is not so much training the dog as it is training the family. It is basically teaching you and your family to “speak Dog”. We also go over safety issues with dogs and fun games to play that teach as well as are fun. I also work on what are called “House Manners” things like, to sit and wait while you open the door (this is mostly for safety for the dog) also how to greet people when they come to the house. How to make sure your dog does not become a chewer. (see article on


There are other additional things you can add to the packages if you feel you need them. These will be charged as training sessions and are $30 for each hour. These things include


  • Extra house manners lessons

  • Leash training

  • Potty training

  • Animal introductions (how to introduce your new pet to any current pets)

  • Basic obedience skills

  • Or anything else you feel you might need help with


I live in north central Massachusetts, I have no problem driving to wherever you are to help at any time. My attention to detail and my services have no mileage limit. The only thing I ask is that clients over 80 miles away, add an additional $50 for the Premium and $75 for the Full Service. This only covers my gas bill in this case.


* If you choose to just do the $50 Consultation, then change your mind within 30 days and want to do a package, I will apply that $50 you previously paid to either the Premium Paws or Fetching Full Service Package (excludes Bark Basic)