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Packages and Pricing


I always recommend looking at shelters first. There are so many amazing dogs and puppies of every breed and size available in the shelter system. There are breed specific rescues and there is nothing that matches the love you get from a dog you rescue. I do offer services if you are looking for a show quality dog. I make sure the breeders are responsible and registered.

Below is a simplified list of the services I offer. When doing Mutt Match Packages there are two different styles depending on whether you are looking to rescue a dog, or get a puppy from a breeder. The prices are the same and you can switch at any time. Depending on which route you are looking at, I have to follow different paths. If you have any questions at all, please contact me. I also offer training and consultation services alone.

Stand Alone Services


One Hour Training Session - $50

Sit Down Consultation - $50

Pet Introductions - $25

*COMING SOON* Canine Good Citizen Certification!